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We provide assistance in developing technical paperwork.

Work documents / Construction / Engineering

Among our resources there are also qualified engineers, who are able to develop all the paperwork necessary for your projects.

Project managing. We assist in selecting technical supervision, a construction firm and a managing company.

Preparation and control of respecting the schedules of building and assembly jobs, preparation and control of deliveries.

Control of conformity of the suggested project decisions with the building standards and rules.

Assistance in making a contract for equipment supplies, finishing agents, interior goods.

On-Line assistance. From any part of the world, 24 hours a day you have on-line access to the services of our specialists - It’s not only the complete database of any kind of information necessary for interior projecting, with pdf-catalogues and technical information, but also the possibility to receive on-line consultations on the products, on computing specifications and managing deliveries.

Our library of the books on design is a good source of inspiration and support in our work. Here you can find books on all the schools of the interior design. Books from the biggest store of the design literature POTTERTON BOOKS are available in our design Center.

Complectation: whatever brand – one unified Center.

Best prices at the market.

Our long experience, huge volumes of purchases, long-term partnership relations with the producers, well thought-out logistic system give us the possibility to offer the best terms of project complectation.

Furniture / Lighting / Sanitary engineering / Textile / Carpets / Tiles / Parquet / Stairs / Doors / Crockery / Accessories / and others.


Conceptual working out of the lighting systems is realized by means of the professional knowledge of lighting engineers, lighting designers and electrical engineers, in order to implement customers’ various individual decisions on lighting, esthetical and technical demands.

Such services are provided by the professional team of designing engineers who have rich experience of work in this area and permit to render the calculation results the most realistic and convenient for analysis and review.

Creation and conceptual elaboration of the lighting systems: offices, commercial and industrial locations, domestic interiors, gardens and parks, architectural and art lighting of the building, sport facilities.


Our partners can use the area we have for their work. Our advantages are possibilities for the comfort work, direct access to the catalogue database, the samples, the design library and other materials. Nice and quiet environment, support for our specialists will help one to concentrate on his work. We are situated in the center of Moscow – Noviy Arbat st, 21 – it suits even the most exigent clients and also the colleagues who come to work together from different parts of the city.

Design area is an ideal place for working on a project, as well as for meeting customers and colleagues. 

In order to fulfill all the necessary construction, assembly, restoration activities working paperwork is worked out. It is prepared during engineering and represents a kit of schemes, drawings, text applications where complete detailing is stated (constructions, junctions, taps, hubs, specific quantity of metal, limits, axonometric schemes, specifications, profiles of engineering communication hubs, etc.) – all that a contractor will need for constructing a building. 

Our specialists will prepare a complete set of documents in compliance with GOST demands and respecting the construction plan submitted earlier by the customer.