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Our designer library numbers more than 2000 foreign publications. Books are available for architects and designers in space MDC on the New Arbat.

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Marie-Francoise Deprez
Pepin Press
Campbell, Thomas
Thomas P.
Campbell, Thomas
Bibliotheque Marmottan
Ossut Claude
Phillips Charles
Wilson Judith
Myers Diana K.
Lubell France
Cecil Lubell
Cecil Lubell
Cecil Lubell
Clarke Simon
Simon Clarke
Meller Susan
Tarrant Naomi
Tarrant Naomi
Quin Bradley
Wilbank Amy
Amann Heribert
Dell Elizabeth
Elizabeth Dell
Thompson Angela
Thompson Angela
Maxwell Robyn
Parry Linda
Ruperta Pichler
Pichler Ruperta
Yates Marypaul
Schoeser Mary
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