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Our designer library numbers more than 2000 foreign publications. Books are available for architects and designers in space MDC on the New Arbat.

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Hefne William
Waldie, D. J.
Masson Kathryn
Winkler Gail Caskey
Michael Connors
Sherrill Sarah B.
Robert Sweeney
Kelly Annie
Levi-Strauss Monique
Henderson Justin
Wilson Judith
H. L. JUDD CO., Inc.
Potterton Books
Designer Books
Rutherford Judith
Judith Rutherford
Millodot Suzen
Brandajs Laurent
E. Douillet
Faudree Charles
Bell Quentin
Vedrenne Elisabeth
Paige Rense
Lee Cindy
Yoshioka Sachio
Rajs Jake
Andrea Maflin
Wilson Judith
Skinner Tina
Zhao Feng
Rosemary Crill
McCloud Kevin
Van Uffelen Chris
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